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KarisMattic Productions

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About KarisMattic Productions

After successfully collaborating on two of the most significant projects of a lifetime...

co-parenting two magnificent children; Karis Campbell and Matt Buckler decided to take their combined three decades of experience in the film and television industry, both in front of, and behind the camera, to launch their production company, KarisMattic Productions.


Karis and Matt are both passionate about creating entertaining, insightful, and evocative content.

They began their journey with a short film, Tomorrow, Written/Directed by Karis and co-produced by the pair, in partnership with What's the Alternative? Productions.

Tomorrow enjoyed a successful festival run and is now actively seeking a meaningful and permanent home where it can continue to be of service.


The pair just co-produced their first PSA on the importance of voting for the next generation, which can be viewed here:


They are both committed to using their artistry to shine a light on important topics while finding creative ways to both entertain and educate, helping to build a more diverse, inclusive, and brighter world for their kids and their peers.

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